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Lakeview Cemetery, Cleveland, Ohio

Lakeview Cemetery in Cleveland, Ohio is my favorite cemetery to explore.  As a photography student, I spent a lot of time there for various assignments.  It’s huge, and actually quite pleasant to walk around the various areas on a nice day.  It is the resting place of President Garfield, as well as many Civil War generals and cabinet members for Abe Lincoln.  Other famous names include Eliot Ness (the guy who took down Al Capone) and John D. Rockefeller.  I’ll post more on Eliot Ness and his time in Cleveland, along with photos of his tombstone, in a separate blog about The Torso Murderer of Kingsbury Run.

Among these photos, I’ve includes several abstracts.  Cemeteries are a great place for abstracts because there is so much texture and architecture, and many cemeteries have tombstones from a hundred or more years ago to the present time.

One of the most photographed sites I’ve seen at Lakeview Cemetery is the Haserot Angel, or “The Angel of Death Victorious” as some have called it.  All I know is that the face appears to bleed from its eyes, and it creeps me out!  I’m always nervous to take photos because I’m afraid it’s going to come to life and attack me while I’m looking through the view finder.  It just feels scary around this statue.  But, I certainly have my share of photos of this statue anyway…


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