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Ghost Orb (blog from 9/18/2007)

I am copying my previous entries from the Heather’s Halloween Myspace page.  This was my first one about ghost orbs in my photos.

Hey Guys!  This is my first blog on this page, and I finally have something relative to my purpose and worth talking about.  I was out today taking pictures (photography is my other hobby), and I was at one of my favorite haunted locations.  It’s an area of haunted, run-down cabins that used to be for campers.  I don’t have the background story on these cabins, but they are very close to Squire’s Castle in the eastern suburbs of Cleveland.  Google Squire’s for a good story of how/why it’s haunted.  The cabins aren’t related to Squire’s story, but the supernatural energy is strong in this whole area of the Cleveland Metroparks.

Anyway, I was taking pictures as the sun was going down, and you could feel the energy rise as the night grew darker.  Quite frankly, I was starting to freak out and was ready to bail out of there.  I had been messing around in the cabins for a while, and I didn’t want to disturb any ghosts any more than I already had.  I could just feel that they were ready to start showing themselves.  As cool as that might be to see them, I was just there for the pictures tonight, and I wasn’t prepared to see the ghosts.

As I was packing up my camera gear, I snapped a couple digital shots of the cabins in the dark.  The cabin I had been in is the only one that showed up well enough to see (it was also the closest to me while I was taking the pictures, so that makes sense).  Anyway, I took 2 shots from the exact same spot, same angle, same camera settings, same everything, within a couple seconds of one another.  I just took 2 to make sure one would focus and come out well in the dark.  They both turned out the same….except one thing.

Take a look…

This is the 2nd shot I took, but it’s the one where you can’t see anything special.  Just a cool, old, haunted cabin in the dark.  No big deal.

Here’s the first shot I took.

Notice anything different?  When I first saw this shot, I thought maybe my flash caught something metal or glass on the cabin.  But then when I flipped to the 2nd shot, it wasn’t there.  I zoomed in on the picture, and you can clearly see that there’s nothing there on the cabin.  There’s nothing around to reflect.  And if there were, it would be in both shots.

Here’s a close-up…

Okay, so what is this?  I’ve pondered every possibility, and I’m coming up with nothing.  The only answer I have is that it’s an orb of a ghost.  If you have any other suggestions, or if you agree that it’s an orb, please share your comments.  I’d love to hear what everyone else makes of this.



WAIT!  HOLY CRAP!  When I just went to review this before posting, I found another one!!  Look above the cabin, up and slightly to the right of where the bright orb is.  There’s another, fainter orb.  It’s appears in the trees area of the picture, although it looks like it’s actually hovering over the roof of the cabin.

9/24/07 – I’m adding in the full size version of the picture with the orbs.  A few people have pointed out the “smoke” over the chimney (it’s in both pictures), so i want to make sure we have a clear view of it.  I checked other shots from that night to see if that was a fingerprint or blurred spot on all of them, but these are the only 2.  Interesting coincidence that it’s over the chimney.  Here it is…

And just for the fun of it, here’s me hoping I’m not disturbing the peace…


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