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The Black Dahlia, Los Angeles, CA

My research into The Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run (The Cleveland Torso Killer) started when I was looking up haunted sites in Los Angeles.  I was reading about The Black Dahlia and found out that some people believe that she may have been murdered by Cleveland’s most notorious killer.   I wrote a separate blog with […]

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Priyanka Goswami - I have read about the case on many sites, thanks for sharing your photographs.

Adam Contreras Jr. - Is the streets & area are correct, then this is the place. Expect those 1 or 2 houses to be haunted.

Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run – The Cleveland Torso Murders

I’m from Cleveland, and I can’t believe I never heard this story until a couple years ago as I was researching haunted locations to visit in Los Angeles.  I was looking at information on The Black Dahlia and how detectives found her body.  Then I read that there are links between The Black Dahlia murderer […]

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Danielle - I am so amazed. I grew up 45 minsEast of Cleveland and I am just like wow. I am so doing some research on this. Thank you. I love the photo work too. I live in Portland,Maine now. It is always noce to read about home past or present. Thank you again.

admin - Hi Danielle! Thanks for the comment. I was all over this story the second I heard about it. There’s a lot of really good detailed information about it online, so you’ll enjoy researching it. I’m glad you enjoyed the photos!

Just curious, how did you run across this blog?

If you grew up east of Cleveland (I so miss Pickle Bills right now!!), then you might also enjoy my Kirtland photo blog once I have it done. The Witch’s Grave, Melon Heads, and Crybaby Bridge are all included! There is a blog and photos on my page already, but I am going to re-edit them and add it here soon. I’m also working on re-edits of Squire’s Castle. Then from the South Side of Cleveland, I’m working on Chippewa Lake, the abandoned amusement park. These are all on Myspace (it’s public, so you don’t have to sign in if you want to check it out), but the photos will be much better when I re-post them here… Stay tuned! :)

laura w - You did a great job heather. I read the entire thing (I want a cookie!) I remember when you were doing this project, I wish I could’ve been able to join you at some point. Sometimes though it’s the exhaustive research we do by ourselves that make it so much more worth it and personal, like a journey, you know? Love the tonality on your photos!

admin - Thanks Laura! I’m also going to re-edit photos from Chippewa Lake and Athens, and I was so glad you were on those excursions!! I’ll chat with you when I get to those, because I want to ask your permission to post a couple of your shots. :)

I’m thinking a ghost hunt is in order at Mansfield Prison next summer…

laura w - Awesome!!! I can’t wait to read the posts. I like your writing style, I used to blog all of the time and I miss doing it, it was very cathartic. You don’t need permission if you want to post any of my shots, I’m giving you a blanket statement of permission just throw up a credit tag, that’s all I ask! And you can edit them in a cool way if you want to, I do not mind!

Dana - Really crazy story. You have taken amazing pictures of the area. Such a creepy place…

Chris - Hello Heather,

Thanks for the terrific photo essay on the torso murders. I bet it was hard to get to some of the places where you took pictures. I am also a native Clevelander living far away from home and have taken to studying the torso murders as a hobby. I worked two years as a crime scene technician in Virginia and I guess that never really got out of my system.

I’m bookmarking your site for future reference.



admin - Dana and Chris,
I’m so sorry I didn’t reply to your comments sooner. I never got notifications that I had comments, but thank you so much!

Some of the places were a little tough to locate. A couple of the spots don’t even exist anymore. As for the ones I did find…when I worked downtown, I had a great view of a lot of this area. I would read the descriptions of the locations and then match them up with the photos I could find. I was able to plot a few of the spots from my window, and then I started driving around (bodyguard and watch dogs in tow!!) until I found them. It took a few exploration trips around town, but it was fun and interesting!

Thanks again for your comments! Happy Haunting!!

SUZANNE - I was watching an episode of Haunted History on the H2 channel. I was born in Amherst and my father and his family lived in Cleveland. My father is 74 and I asked him if he ever heard about this and he said no. This was such a publicized case I can not believe so many people never knew.

Robert Beres - Born 1944. There is a street off of Kinsman Rd. called Kingsbury Run (Starts about E.100 and runs to E110) often mistaken for the shanty cites area. In our teens we would remove the sewer caps on Kingsbury Run and go through the sewers down to E.79th and Kinsman (they went further) to what is now Garden Valley and was the begining of the old shanty towns. I think you did a great job on the story. As the years went by, I became a Cleveland Police officer and was stationed in the 4th Dist. at E.93rd and Kinsman. My first day on the streets, there was a call for a mother boiling her childs hed on the stove. Having been raised in the area and worked there, these stories always facinate me, even now. The Cleveland Police Musem is small, but donation only for enterance and very informative. Keep up the good work

Linda Cubranich - Great story. My first home was on East 51st Street, off Praha. Jack ass hill and bridge were only a block to two away and we used when driving to school. Of course I was not aware of any of this then.

Jerry McClurg - I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that you got this right. I think it was Dr Sweeney.

Lattie Slusher - the patients at the ohio soldiers home in sandusky are all there voluntarily and they can come and go as they please…then and today….in the 30s the lake shore electric railway had interurban service between sandusky and terminal tower in downtown cleveland…there was a lakeshore station at the soldiers home…..sweeney could have boarded there and been downtown in little more than an hour

Melissa Sites - Thanks for sharing your great photographs. Your photos have a great artistic quality to them, and you do a great job illustrating the whole narrative of a strange and grisly case. I feel bad for Ness, who seems to have been a very conscientious guy with a lot of great work to his credit.