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Photos and stories of haunted places I have visited.

The Bell Witch – Adams, TN

Unlike The Bethbirei Presbyterian Church in Lewisburg, TN, whose local residents strongly discourage visitors to the haunted site, Adams, TN is more commercialized around the haunting story that puts them on the map.  The Bell Witch.  It’s the story of the Bell family, who migrated from North Carolina to the area that was then called […]

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Bethbirei Presbyterian Church, Lewisburg, TN

I moved to Lewisburg, Tennessee when I was 13.  There’s not much to do there other than drive down old country roads and ponder old tales.  One such story is about the Bethbirei Presbyterian Church. First, let me say this:  I would think that most churches, especially those with a cemetery, are going to be […]

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Sara Toombs Felkins - Heather you are a brave soul or I’m still a wimp. That church is spooky. We, the band nerds, had a Halloween party at Lee Herrings one year. He lived right up the road from Bethbirei Church. A group of the other kids went down and came back with scary stories. I love old churches and their stories.

Shannon COoper - Lady you need to get the story straight!!! As a kid I heard stories about the church from my brother’s! So when I was a teenager my sister,mom and I stop by there and took some photos of it! I knew something was wrong and when my sister gave me my camera back I knew I was right!!! Because the camera was rewinding it self and I threw to my mom and said y’all can keep it!!! Well a week later they got the photos back and what I seen in them is burned in my in my brain!!! In the top window We saw two little girl’s one had her braided and the other one had a bonnet on and they were dressed in 1900’s clothes!!And in in the photos the all the tombstones were gone and the gate was unlocked but when was there it was locked!!! A friend told us her mom told her that back in the 1900’s this guy walked in while they were having services and shot everyone!!! And the graves across the road are their gaves!! I don’t the wear about of the photos because my sister is the last one to have them!!!

Lakeview Cemetery, Cleveland, Ohio

Lakeview Cemetery in Cleveland, Ohio is my favorite cemetery to explore.  As a photography student, I spent a lot of time there for various assignments.  It’s huge, and actually quite pleasant to walk around the various areas on a nice day.  It is the resting place of President Garfield, as well as many Civil War […]

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